The Gap Child Care Centre have been collaborating with an artist in residence, Uncle Rion Savage.

Rion is a proud Torres Strait and Aboriginal man, who has taught the children many songs, dances, arts and crafts. He has also taught them about traditional culture and lifestyles, as well as teaching them a number of different languages. The children have grown very fond of Rion and have embraced our Indigenous culture.

The children showed their family just how much they had learnt from Uncle Rion through a cultural performance.

Uncle Rion played instruments, while the kids sang along and danced. Afterwards, everyone came together for morning tea, where all the children’s learnings and artwork were showcased.

The Gap Child Care Centre offers long day care in a modern space for children to learn and play. We believe in providing the children with opportunities to explore, investigate and learn about the world in which they live.