Support Staff

Every member of our team plays a crucial role in creating a nurturing environment for your children. Meet the dedicated individuals who form the backbone of our support staff team, each bringing essential skills and a heartfelt commitment to ensuring the well-being and happiness of every child in our care.

Belinda Briggs | General Manager

Belinda Briggs serves as our General Manager at Uniting Early Learning. With over twenty years of experience in Early Childhood Education and holding an Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services, she is deeply committed to fostering the growth and achievement of young minds.

Her dedication to working with children springs from her desire to see them succeed in their aspirations. Belinda derives immense satisfaction from observing the growth and development of both children and educators, recognising the positive impact they make on future generations.

Belinda values the role she plays in nurturing thriving educators who contribute significantly to shaping the future. Her commitment to professional development and her genuine love for children make her an invaluable leader within our team at Uniting Early Learning.

Melita Janevik |  Area Manager

Melita Janevik brings 28 years of rich experience to her role as Early Learning Area Manager at Uniting Early Learning. Her qualifications include an Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management. Melita’s journey in Early Childhood Education stems from a deep passion for nurturing young minds during their critical developmental years.

As an Area Manager, she finds immense fulfillment in empowering Centre Directors to excel, fostering exceptional educational services, and building strong relationships with families and the community. Melita values the significant impact that early education has on children’s development and cherishes the continuous opportunities for professional growth within the field. She is dedicated to ensuring that every child receives the best start in their educational journey.

Peta Griffin | Area Manager

Peta Griffin brings extensive experience in Early Childhood Education, starting her career in 1996 after completing a Diploma of Early Education. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood, a Bachelor of Child and Family Studies, and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessing, along with qualifications in Workplace Health and Safety and Fire Safety.

Inspired by her early work as a junior leader at the local PCYC, Peta’s passion led her to roles as Lead Educator, Director, Company Educational Leader, and Area Manager. She has established five intergenerational play programs, reflecting her commitment to innovation in early childhood education.

As an Area Manager, Peta is passionate about empowering educators and ensuring high-quality care and education for every child.

I love training and mentoring our educators,” Peta shares. “Seeing my ideas and skills come to life in other services is incredibly rewarding.

Allicia Goodwin | Area Manager

Allicia brings over 20 years of experience in Early Childhood Education, holding a Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching and an Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services. Her lifelong passion for this field stems from the belief in its crucial role in children’s development.

As early childhood educators, we have the incredible opportunity to make a significant difference in children’s lives during this foundational stage,” Allicia shares.

Her role as an Area Manager goes beyond operations, focusing on empowering teams and advocating for children’s rights. With her dedication, Uniting Early Learning ensures excellence in education and care for every child.

Ellen Lyne
In Home Care | Operations Manager

Ellen Lyne brings nearly a decade of childcare experience, with nearly four years dedicated specifically to In Home Care. She holds a Diploma of Leadership and Management, complemented by a Diploma of Early Education and Care, showcasing her expertise in both management and early childhood education.

After spending a decade working with vulnerable youth, Ellen sought a new avenue to continue making a positive impact in the community. Childcare provided the perfect opportunity, and the chance to work in In Home Care presented an exciting change from centre-based care.

Ellen cherishes the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of some of Queensland’s most vulnerable families. Her dedication to providing exceptional care and support is evident in every interaction.

“In Home Care is incredibly fulfilling,” Ellen shares. “The diversity and impact on families make each day uniquely satisfying and meaningful.”

Sharyn Walker
Family Day Care | Operations Manager

Sharyn Walker brings over 30 years of dedicated experience in Early Childhood Education, spanning from preschool and kindergarten teaching to leadership roles as a centre director and now as the Family Day Care (FDC) Operations Manager with the Uniting Church. Holding a Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood), Sharyn’s journey in FDC began with Uniting Family Day Care Bramble Bay, where her passion for nurturing children’s confidence and lifelong learning flourished.

“I am passionate about creating environments where children feel valued and empowered as they explore the world around them,” Sharyn shares. In her role, she cherishes the dynamic nature of Family Day Care, where educators are empowered to deliver high-quality care and education in small, nurturing groups. 

Her leadership ensures that Uniting Family Day Care continues to uphold excellence in early childhood education, making a positive impact on children’s lives.

Angela Ebbage
Compliance Specialist
Fiona Dunn
Compliance Specialist
Erin King
Traning Officer
Matthew Clapham
Manger – Finance and Buisness Planning
Michelle Whelan
Applications and Operations Support Officer
Marcus Birthisel
Finance and Buisness Planning Officer