An unhurried space for play

Educators respond to the children’s mood and temperaments throughout the day rather than using the clock, allowing the routine to flow in an unhurried and calm manner.

Children need long periods of uninterrupted time to become really immersed in their play.

At Tiny Town the children are free to lead their play and make decisions. This supports children’s agency and self-belief as learners. Knowledgeable and skilled educators work closely to scaffold learning and prompt further exploration.

It is a commitment to a process that begins with trust. Trust in the ability of children to establish and co-construct their own scenarios for how they want to experience the world. In their ability to make their own decisions and understand the consequences of those decisions. And fundamentally, trust in the power of play itself to connect, transform and enrich children’s lives.

A calm and joyful environment for children

One thing you’ll observe when you enter our service is how relaxed and happy all our children are. This is by design. We believe our approach to no-clock pedagogy is a major contributor to this. We also setup learning spaces and resources so that our children feel that Tiny Town is their home away from home.